Q&A from “Has Democracy Lost Its Appeal?”

a) Who is Lou Correa?
Lou Correa is a democratic congressman.

b) Why did people at the airport call Correa a “liar” and a “rat”?
The people at the airport believed that the US was republic, and not a democracy, and that Correa had tricked the people into voting for him.

c) Why have people lost faith in democracy? Name three reasons.
1. “People are more open to non-democratic alternatives all over the world due to feeling that democracy has been unable or unwilling to address their concern.
2. Globalization, automatization, and migration has made people more worried about their futures, since their societies have changed faster than they’re comfortable with.
3. The changing media-landscape, where we increasingly get more information from internet-warriors rather than professional journalists, can easily lead to misinformation amongst the public.

d) What made Correa hopeful about the future of democracy?
What made him hopeful for the future of democracy was: the fact that both Democrats and Republicans stood together to help and protect eachother.

f) What is the difference between the word “capital” and “Capitol” used in this text?
Capital in this text is used to describe the city that serves as the seat of US’ government.
Capitol was used to describe a building in which the legislative body of government meets.

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